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Apple Developer Tools

Recently, my friend, Brian Minor, pointed out that only iTunes Connect and iAd Gallery are the only two Apple iPhone apps that haven’t been updated to iOS 7 yet. Sure, we complain about Apple developer tools all the time. Let’s take a closer look.


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Coins for Android

Yesterday, I released my first Android app, Coins, that I built in a day. I first made Coins in a day for iOS in December. It’s a simple app for seeing how much a certain amount of bitcoins are worth.

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Learning Android

Lately, I’ve been learning Android....

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Today, I’m twenty-five. A quarter century. According to this, I’ll live 82.53 years. I have 69.7% of my life remaining. So much left to do.

I set a goal to retire at 25 (which really means financially independent) about two years ago. While I still have...

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SSToolkit 2.0

Today, I released SSToolkit 2.0. The first commit was September 9, 2009, but there are classes in SSToolkit that even predate that. Some of the code in there I wrote before the App Store even came out. This junk is old.

After some major frustration last...

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iOS Resources

If you’re new to iOS or are just learning, it can be tough to move forward when you’re stuck or discover what you should learn next. This is a list (in no particular order) of things that should help.


Dash is a great tool for documentation. Apple’s...

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