Sam Soffes

3 minute read

Questions — Part 2

I was recently trading a few emails with someone asking about working on projects you’re passionate about full-time. Thought it would be good to answer them publicly. Here we go:

#1 Have you found that you really can make a living just by working on...

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2 minute read

Value of Beta

I thought I had decided against doing betas of software to more than just close friends. A few friends assured me that most feedback would be useless. Their point as most just wanted to get it early to feel cool but didn’t actually use it or send...

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8 minute read

Four Questions

I recently got an email from a college sophomore that had some questions about getting started. Asked him if it would be okay to answer publicly and he was for it.

#1 How did you begin programming?

I started “programming” for the first time when I was 10...

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1 minute read


Yesterday, I did an interview on Venture Beat about Swift, Apple’s new programming language. Here’s an excerpt:

I think one of the best parts about Swift is a lot of the simplicity they were able to bring to the language due to not being...

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2 minute read

Quantum Data Teleportation

A few days ago, scientists at Delft University reliably got teleportation to work with 100% reproducibility. (Read the full story at CNET.) This is huge.

First we need to understand qubits. Basically, a qubit is a quantum bit. Qubits have 3 states where...

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